Enjoy The Best Strategy Games For PC 2021

Strategy is a quintessential category in the gaming world. If you are a PC gamer, then it is a paradise for you. Staying buried into maps plans to build a perfect army or town and how to cross some of the most challenging levels of some of the best PC games is what strategy games are all about. The strategy has been a clinical genre that has gifted the gaming universe with diverse games catering for hardcore grognard and players who cherish Gandhi nuke Montezuma.

Let’s discuss a list of top strategy games, experience fast-paced RTS games, the best Sci-fi, and a little fantasy for graphic lovers. Are you excited? Stay hooked to know more!

Top Five Best Rated Strategy PC Games of 2021

1.      Crusader Kings III

If you are looking for the best strategy game lists and discover Crusader Kings III on the top. Overthrowing its predecessor, Crusader Kings III is grand with better RPG gameplay and more enhanced. This time the focus is more on the lifestyle simulations and role-play of the medieval nobles and a massive chest of modified and reconsidered features. The more ambitious and soapy dynasty drama has made the gameplay time easier. You can wander aimlessly in the game, but you still discover wars and trysts to keep you engaged.

2.      Total War: Three Kingdoms

Total War is a Chinese civil war game fuelled by peculiar characters that fight both on and off the battlefield. The awestruck graphics and character sketch will undoubtedly affect you, and as it resembles Warhammer, all the characters are superhuman warriors. The fight over China has made the game more compelling. With the latest update rolling out, the game introduces a new historical storyline with bookmarks, an expanded war arena, supreme diplomacy that will keep you engrossed all the time.

3.      Total War: Warhammer 2

If you are a fantasy game lover, then this game is just made for you! Warhammer showed the gaming industry how fantasy world and creative workshop’s battle layouts clubs together present a classic experience of all time. Multiplying the hype, Total War: Warhammer 2 has host new developments, tweaks to heroes, and excellent interfaces. Are you an amateur in the strategy genre? Start with the CA’s hammer games. Grab it now!

4.      Europa Universalis 4

If you are looking for a period-changing history political-strategic game, you must put your hands on this game’s control. Europa Universalis 4 is a historical paradox’s long-running ultimate strategy games. It is vast, complex, and the never-ending simulation can wrap your mind.

5.      Civilisation 6

Every best strategy gaming list is incomplete without the name of Civilisation 6 in it. It is not just a game but also an emotion for game lovers into gaming for several years. Season 6 of this heritage game comes with a host of unique expansions. The biggest among them is the district system that unstacked the various cities, and now you can deploy an army in the towns according to your choice. The game also features the golden and dark ages. You also earn bonuses based on your developments, and the cherry on the cake is the addition of climatic changes and environmental disasters.

When discussing strategy, what could be more appealing than a roulette game! It has proven to be a perfect solo as well as a group stress buster. So if you are looking to change your mood and step out from the world of war and fantasy games, spend an evening playing roulette with your friends or alone.

Wishing you all happy gaming, let your mind also work with your hands, and enjoy the best strategic games of the year!

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