Fundamental Ecommerce SEO Tips For Driving Sales

Considering the modern era, if you want to get ahead of your competition and drive in more customers, digitizing is the best way to go. Having a search-engine-optimized website can meet your requirements. You can contact an SEO expert in Brisbane to help you strategize such optimizations and get your website to the top of the search list. Here are a few tips you can implement on your website to increase your sales.

Use Targeted Keywords

Using specific keywords can boost the rank of your e-commerce pages extensively. You should include commercial, informational and navigational keywords focusing more on the keywords that are mostly searched. Based on the results you get, you can keep the keywords that work for you as well as explore new ones.

For example, if you want to get TikTok followers for your basketball channel, it would be best if you are mentioning the names of the key players in current basketball games, or those names that are mentioned more frequently online.

Design Based On The Perspective Of Shopper

The overall design of your web pages decides the bounce rate of your website. Even if you have the trendiest products at the best price possible, a searcher will leave your website if it is not appealing. Your website should be simple and easy to navigate with some unique features. Making it easier to surf, can make the searcher browse a few more pages.

Use Responsive Design

In today’s world, it is more efficient for consumers to surf e-commerce websites through mobile phones than desktops. Making your web design responsive can lead to frequent usage of your web pages which further increases the time spent on your site thereby, improving your search engine rank. If you find upgrading your website to responsive design difficult, you can take the help of any SEO expert from Brisbane who can guide you through the process. 

Optimize For Intent

Analyzing the nature of your consumer, you can optimize your website to generate more traffic and drive in sales. Allow customer reviews to your site as customers prefer buying products that have reviews on them. You can update the site structure to a simpler one with hierarchical navigation. Also, based on experience and feedback, focus on fixing issues related to usability.

Reduce Page Load Speed

The time required to load your web pages also determines your rank on the web. The quicker your page loads, the better it is. You can reduce the time of page load by eliminating unnecessary elements like hidden background images, add-ons, and other plugins that have no practical use in your e-commerce site.

Create Backlinks For Ecommerce SEO

Backlinks are one of the best ways to gain the trust of the consumers and rank higher. Acquiring backlinks from authorized third-party sites has a great impact on SEO. Belonging from the e-commerce industry, it is easy to get backlinks. You can approach any renowned website of your niche to refer you.

Create Unique Content

Having unique content that also provides value to your audience can convert the same into potential customers. Ensure that the content you publish is legit with correct product details. You can make your content unique by adding slight humor to the product description. Never duplicate the content as it can harm the rank.

Also, create content that answers the frequently asked questions or queries of the searchers. This can add more pages to your site which consequently boosts SEO. Most importantly, stuffing keywords and writing per the search engine may increase your rank slightly but won’t help you in the long run. Your content should be sensible and readable to humans.

You can hire an SEO expert from Brisbane who can guide you through the process of writing content that is easily consumed by both humans and search engines.


Besides the above-mentioned points, try to avoid complex URLs and implement animation on your site. You can also take the help of influencers and social media to improve your SEO. Just like any other SEO, e-commerce SEO takes time to show results. Just be consistent as the wait is worth it.

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