How Has 5G Technology Made Streaming Easier?

Unthinkable to future generations, there was once a time when mobile devices were used only to receive or make calls. Even then, we had come a long way from when Alexander Graham Bell first invented the short-range telephone in 1876. But every generation and decade has new needs, wants, and concerns, and to accommodate these changes, our technologies have also had to update.  

We have seen this with the rising concerns over the climate crisis, which has led to more electronic vehicles on the roads. We have also seen it with the increasing demand by society for mobile devices to offer seamless streaming and high-quality content. Such demands have led to the creation of 5G technology.

Mobile Internet Is The New Norm

Over the last few years, more and more individuals have started to consume their media entirely through over-the-top platforms (OTT). The most popular services are Amazon Prime and Netflix. OTT’s are not only accessed via websites on our personal computers but through applications on our smartphones or tablets as well.

Mobile Internet has become the new norm: if you want to watch an episode of your favorite TV show while commuting on the bus to work, you can do that. But the popularity and usage of mobile Internet has its problems, including stop-start streaming and buffering videos. That’s where 5G technology comes into play. 

What Does 5G Offer?

The 5G network offers faster bandwidth and low latency. It also creates faster download times on the App Store, so mobile gamers can access the apps for their favorite games like Candy Crush or Temple Run within milliseconds. Like games, casinos have benefited from the shift to the digital age and the creation of online casinos and live casino games. With 5G, playing on online casino platforms like will also be easier as players can access their favorite games like the Red Tiger slots or Three Card Poker without network glitches or slow gaming speed. 

Mobile games and online casinos will benefit from the ease 5G brings, but so will the average person. Users can stream high-definition videos on platforms like Youtube without the stream lagging or stopping. That means individuals can watch content on their mobile devices and feel relaxed or entertained without feeling anxious about how much of the video they can get through before it starts buffering again. According to, feeling relaxed or entertained is the top two reasons people watch Youtube. 

With the growing list of streaming benefits 5G offers, major industries have started to explore its different usage possibilities. For instance, in 2019, Verizon Communicates opened talks with the NFL about live streaming games using the 5G network, as described by Up next could be Amazon, which has been streaming Premier League matches on Prime and Twitch, its live video streaming platform, for free since last year, as reported by

Mobile devices play a crucial role in how we interact with one another and how we consume our media. But like anything, these devices have had their shortcomings, particularly when it comes to network glitches and slow download speeds. But with 5G’s bandwidth and low latency, streaming has become much easier. The mobile Internet game has officially stepped up a level, not just for mobile games and online casinos, but also the entertainment and sports industry.