Sports Betting in India: All There is to Know

We are all aware that the number of sports fans has increased over time. Some sports enthusiasts take their love for sports to another level and bet on their favourite teams or players. If you are a sports enthusiast who resides in India, you may be wondering if betting is legal in your country. In this article, we are going to discuss all you need to know about betting in India.

Is it legal to bet on sports in India?

Yes, to a certain extent! The Indian government has presented the largest sports reform in history, drafting new guidelines to make sports betting and gambling legal in India. According to the ICSS (International Centre for Sports Security), sports betting is a huge sector in India. Furthermore, if sports betting is legalized in India, it has the potential to generate billions of rupees in tax income. Visit to find out detailed Betwinner review and know more about it’s legality in India.

The Indian Sports Ministry has taken the lead and is currently talking with other nations that allow sports betting, such as the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Italy. Sports betting produces a significant amount of taxable revenues for governments in nations where it is legal.

Should Sports Betting in India be Legalized?

Despite existing anti-gambling laws, there is widespread illegal gambling and sports betting across the country. Even though IPL betting is prohibited, individuals are nevertheless betting, and they are betting heavily.

Gambling and Sports Betting Recommendations in India

Horseback riding and other skill-based activities have been protected from the ban by both the law and the courts. As a result, these games are legal to play.

The Aadhaar Card/PAN Card must be connected to all transactions.

They also made sure that all betting and gambling transactions were linked to the operator’s Aadhaar Card/PAN Card as well as the participant’s/Aadhaar player’s Card/PAN Card, protecting the public from negative consequences. They also make it mandatory for all transactions between and among operators and players/participants to be cashless.

Operators’ Responsibility  

Operators must assume responsibility for and protect players who wager on sports.

Licensed Sports Gambling and Betting Operators in India

Gambling and sports betting should only be available through Indian registered operators, as determined by the gaming licensing body. Operators have to take responsibility for and protection of players who are betting in sports.

There must be a limit on how many sports betting and gambling transactions a player/participant can make in a given period, such as monthly, half-annual, or yearly.

In India, sports betting is booming, which is great news for mobile game developers. If sports betting is legalized in India, it will be a huge advantage for mobile game developers and the Indian government. Sports betting is expanding as an unorganized market in India, and the government is missing out on a tax revenue potential. The money raised can be utilized to help the poorest members of society by providing them with the resources they need to play sports at the professional level.

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