Top 7 Easy Tricks to win Teen Patti

Teen Patti – Winning Hand

Teen Patti gives you the chance to escape from the day-to-day routine day and get some excitement of playing the game by winning some real money.

Teen Patti is India’s most popular card game. This card game is played by every Indian at least once a week, on parties and special occasions like Diwali. Since online 3 Patti in India has been accepted with open arms, a growing number of players rely on this game for entertainment and some real money wins.

Teen Patti is a game that requires skill. Although there are some luck factors to this online card game, you can still win if you approach the game with some tips and tricks.

Whether you are a skilled player or a novice, you may play the game on the best Teen Patti sites in India and have decent winnings too. Let’s list here some proven methods that will make Teen Patti a success.

1. Start with small bets

Teen Patti gives you a long-spun track to maximize your winnings. Start small and gradually increase your stakes. This may not be a part of any Teen Patti game rules, but is an important trick, that will give you a benefit in the long run, while playing this game.

2. Practice, practice, and more practice

Teen Patti is not an easy task. Take advantage of the free play as available on some of the casino sites. Play multiple practice rounds. A pro player is different from a beginner based on how many rounds they have played. Pro players have played many rounds of online 3 Patti in India, before they can achieve a certain level of success.

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3. You should not place real money on the game until you understand it.

If you follow the Teen Patti game rules, your losses can be minimised, and you can earn some good winnings. It is important to understand the game before you start. Teen Patti is very easy to learn, but you should also be able to gather information about strategies, tips, cheat sheets, and other details. Then, use the free chips on the game, to practice your skills. You can start betting small amounts, and then gradually increase your stakes, as you understand the game.

4. Play blind

Even when you play the game on the best Teen Patti sites in India, the trick of Blind betting works well. Blind betting is a position you make without knowing your cards. You can place as many blind bets as per your discretion. When you do this, you raise the stakes to all your fellow gamers. A weak hand is more likely to fold than a strong hand, which leaves the table open for those with decent hands. You can place more bets with ease and safety. Blind betting is a good option if the table limits are low, or if you have small hands and want to place smaller bets.

5. Sideshows can be practical

Teen Patti game rules mention sideshows, which are a great way to cut your losses. This bet allows you to ask other gamers who have made the last bet before you, to compare their hand with yours. You stay in the game if your cards are stronger than someone’s, and vice versa. 

6. Take advantage of bonuses

Gamers are often encouraged to sign up for promotions and welcome bonuses. You will be tempted to play Teen Patti at particular sites, by receiving bonus money or other money-saving perks. Teen Patti offers bonus opportunities to lower your betting costs and enjoy a longer-term experience.

7. Don’t be afraid to lose

Pro players understand that they don’t have to win every round when playing online Teen Patti in India. Professional players are not always winners in all rounds. To have a balance in the positive at the end of your gameplay, you need to make enough money on a few rounds only.

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