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Hookah smoking was common in older men, of the Middle East. But now it is smoked all over the world and also in NZ, especially among the young people. Also when there is a meet up at the bar and smoke a water pipe together. Even non-smokers often use the shisha hose and are convinced that the smoke from a water pipe is safer than cigarette smoke. But is that really true?

What if they get into the lungs?


The flavorings are intended for food. They are not harmful in the stomach. They get into the lungs when they smoke shisha. But so far it has not been well researched.


If there is sugar in the tobacco, it is also unhealthy. The sugar burns when you smoke. This creates pollutants. They are also inhaled. The pollutants get into the heart and lungs. You can get cancer from it.


It’s a chemical substance. Glycerine keeps the tobacco moist. If it is heated, it creates a poison. This is inhaled when smoking shisha.

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Reasons for smoking hookah

Teenagers and young adults are curious. You want to try new things. You want to experience something and have fun. You enjoy spending time with others. You want to belong. Then they feel good. That is why young people test shisha smoking. Many young people already have hookahs smoked. Most youngsters hear quickly, however back on with it.

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Where shisha is smoked?

It is smoked in shisha bars, at home and outdoor.

Shisha bars

There are more and more shisha bars in Germany. These are places where you can smoke shisha. Many do not know that young people under the age of 18 are not allowed in Shisha bars.

At home

This is why young people often smoke shisha at home. Or they smoke with friends. Then some people want to try new things. You mix different ingredients with the tobacco. But you shouldn’t add anything. Do not mix anything that does not belong in a shisha. Otherwise it can get even more dangerous


Water pipe smoking is also popular in the park. Especially in summer when it’s warm outside. Then many meet in the park.

That’s what the law says Shisha smoking is only permitted from the age of 18. Just like smoking cigarettes. Nobody is allowed to sell or borrow a hookah for children and young people.

FAQs related to shisha smoking

Following are the questions that can help you with shisha smoking in the future:

What you can do when someone offer you a hookah? Say no. Because smoking shisha is risky. Even if you just sit by smoking shisha it’s risky as then you smoke passively.

Do you smoke shisha and become addicted? Then for you there are addiction counseling centers. You can get help there.

Would you like to help a friend? Let him know about shisha smoking. Say shisha smoking is risky. Go to a counseling center together.

Are you a parent and your child smokes shisha? There is a booklet for parents. That is not in easy language. It says Intoxicant consumption in adolescence.

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