Urawa Reds Football Club in Japan Bulletin Board

For long times, football is rooted as a “culture” in Japan, and there is an environment where both men and women can enjoy soccer from kids to seniors, and there are various styles in the country. Due to the high demand for football, many football leagues are held in this country, among which the Japanese professional football league or J-league. In this football league, one of the leading football teams is Urawa Reds Football Club. 

Urawa Reds Football Club is founded in 1950 as the Central Japan Heavy Industries Soccer Club. The name was changed to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Soccer Club in 1964 and Mitsubishi Motors Soccer Club in 1990 and became a regular J League member in 1991. Due to the 浦和レッズ 評判 (Urawa Reds reputation), this club participated in the J-League, which started in 1993. 

Anyhow, if you are interested to know about the Urawa Red Diamonds football club, you can read this guide from top to bottom. In this article, we are given 浦和レッズ 掲示板 (Urawa Reds Bulletin Board).

A Concise Statement of Urawa Red Diamonds Football Club: 

The above mentioned that Urawa Reds Football Club was born in 1991 as one of the J League’s ten clubs (opening in 1993). It has its roots in the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Soccer Club (later transferred to Mitsubishi Motors, which became the Mitsubishi Motors Soccer Club) in 1950 been a strong team since the days of the Japan Soccer League.

Indeed, the club name’s origin is combined with the club color “Red” in the image of the best brilliance and firm cohesion of “Diamond”. Hometown became “Saitama City” in May 2001, but the name “Urawa City” is used. The team name is Urawa Red Diamonds, but many fans and supporters are familiar with the name “Urawa Reds”.

However, at that time, Honda Giken belonged to the 1st division of the Japan Soccer League and had another team in Sayama City, Saitama Prefecture, and the NTT Kanto Soccer Club.  It belonged to the 2nd division (later). The two clubs of Omiya Ardija) have decided not to participate in the J-League. Therefore, Urawa City is looking for a club that can be relocated, and it was the Mitsubishi Motors Soccer Club that you met there.

Achievement History of Urawa Red Diamonds Clubs: 

Urawa Reds were faced in a problematic situation before and after the opening of the J-League. However, in 1989, this club was participated to fight in the second division of the Japan Soccer League just before the J-League opening. 

In 1991, he joined the J-League first year participating team as “Original 10 “. J-League before patrol was also a war 1992 Visco fifth place in the World Cup. But in the early days, The J-League started, it has participated as a weak team, thereby it was demoted to J2 in 1999. But 2003 Na Visco Cup victory from the league of the championship was played by the conflict, in 2006 the league championship, in 2007 in the ACL won the. 

In 2016, the 1st stage in the championship but finished in third place missed, 2Nd stage comeback in, 2Nd stage victory Decide and annual premier, championship determines the finalists. Besides, the Levens cup (Kyuna Visco Cup and finals for the first time in three years in), for the first time in 13 years, championship gained. In 2017, it was the first time in 10 years ACL won the J-League of the club nine years twice as Asia’s eyes became a champion. In the Club World Cup, this club lost to Al Jazeera in the quarter-finals and went to the 5th place playoff, where he won 5th place.

Final Thought: 

Urawa Sports Club (starting now referred to as Urawa SC) aims to become a European-style sports club that realizes integrated youth guidance and lifelong sports practice after a one-year preparation period in September 1991 (former) Urawa. It has been established with many supporters from the city’s sportspeople and the government and business community.