What is the McKinsey case interview and how to prepare for it?


McKinsey case interview is considered one of the hardest job interviews in the world. The questions of this facility seem sometimes intimidating because they are difficult and not easy to answer. 

If you have to prepare for the McKinsey case interview do not be afraid because with the right preparation it can become relatively straightforward to succeed in this case interview. Here are some guides that may help you to maximize your chance of success in the McKinsey case interview. 

There are many stages and steps to understand and prepare for the McKinsey case interview so you will have to prepare for all of those stages to understand clearly. So, let’s talk about it and find the all things about this facility case interview

McKinsey uses four filters mostly to filter the candidates in most countries. The filters are 

  • Resume and cover letter screening 
  • McKinsey problems solving game and tests
  • The first round of interviews 
  • The second round of interviews

According to the surveys, about 1% of candidates only got selected and receive a job letter from McKinsey. This data is revealed by McKinsey’s ex-Global managing director. This data is similar for all time because assuming the success rate at the fourth step is 33%. 

One of the relaxing things for the candidates is that the first and second-round interviews are manageable. But it is manageable only when you have information about how to prepare for this case interview. 

The McKinsey interview takes between 45 to 60 minutes and it mostly consists of two parts. One of the parts is case interview that takes about 75% time of candidates and second round is about personal experience interview that takes about 25% time of the candidates. 

After applying it may take 5-8 weeks to receive a job letter. When you will submit your application, it will take 3 to 4 weeks to go through the first round. After the first round may take 10-14 days for the second round and after that 7-10 days to receive the job offer. 

Final Verdict

Nowadays there is a lot of competition for jobs so get a job at McKinsey may be difficult for the candidates. It may be more challenging for them after the corona pandemic and lockdown situations. 

The interviewers may ask a lot of questions from different fields. So before preparing for the McKinsey case interview you will have to be ready and get more and more knowledge about it. There are various types of tips and tricks available online that will help you a lot. 

McKinsey is one of the biggest case interviews in which a candidate not only has to prepare for a case interview but also would have to collect a lot of information, tips, tricks, and strategies so that they enhance the chances to get succeed in this McKinsey case interview. 

If you also have to prepare in McKinsey or have been prepared then you should take some proper knowledge about it so that you also enhance the chances to get a job in McKinsey. 

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