How to place basketball bets to win a pretty penny?


How to place basketball bets to win a pretty penny?

Basketball games are characterized by the dynamic development of events on the court, and a lot of beautiful combinations, which often end with the resultant action. Fans also enjoy the unpredictability and sometimes dashingly twisted plot.

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Basketball is an illustrious sport discipline among fans of betting. In light of this, there’s a large number of strategies that have been tested in practice. This applies not only to betting before the match but also in the course of it. Let’s have a closer look at a selection of the best tactics that allow effective betting on basketball games.

Betting on the plus side

In contrast to soccer or hockey, bettors rarely bet on the outcome of a basketball game, because the odds in this market are not very highyet, there is always a risk that the teams may end in a draw and go into overtime. But bets on the handicap are pretty relevant, especially since the same overtime will be taken into account. Typically, the base handicap in these cases ranges from 1.8 to 1.91. The main thing to keep in mind when betting on a handicap is that real basketball teams play to win, not to break a handicap. Often bettors forget to consider this point, which leads to losing bets.

Winning with a big score is never a goal of any basketball team, it is the winning that counts. Hence, an effective strategy can be a bet on the plus handicaps, but with a serious analytical study of the event. Fair enough, bookmakers do not just quote handicaps and totals from the ceiling, but basketball statistics are not the same as in soccer or hockey. To implement this strategy, you need to choose a match in which, in your opinion, bookmakers unreasonably overestimate the advantage of the favorite and bet on a plus handicap outsider.

This tactic is top-tier because the leading favorite begins to play not as organized as in the beginning, the minus handicap does not always go in, because the coaches begin to release the youth or reserves on the court, and the stars of the team have ceased to give their best. On the other hand, the losing team tries to close the gap in the score and if not to win back, then to suffer a decent defeat with a small difference in the score.

How to place live basketball bets

Betting during a match is risky because it leaves no time for indepth analysis or certain mathematical calculations (if they haven’t been done beforehand). In fact, the bettor plays, relying on his intuition and assessing how events develop in his chosen match. Nevertheless, even in this case, there are some basic strategies.

Some bettors take inplay basketball games where the clear underdog starts the match briskly, taking advantage of the favoritesslackness. In light of this, there comes a moment when the underdog is exhausted and the favorite begins to beat him or outclassed. So you take a few games, follow the developments in them and bet on the favorite, when it will lose to the outsider, expecting its rush in the second half of the match or in the end.

Speaking of live betting, there is another strategy that cannot be ignored. Its essence is to wager on the victory in the 3rd quarter of the team, which lost to the favorite in the first half of the match. The logic is pretty simple in this scenario. The coach of the leading team begins to rotate, giving the leaders a rest for the end, and the reserves time to get game practice.

 And as statistics show, this often allows you to get a win at a good rate. Basketball games differ in the dynamic development of events on the court, and a lot of beautiful combinations, which often end with the resultant action. Fans also enjoy the unpredictability and sometimes wildly twisted plot.


As a rule of thumb, there are many strategies for betting on basketball duels. It is a herculean task to choose among them the ones that will turn out to be the best. Therefore, it makes sense to try out each of them and determine which one suits you best. One thing is certain, they are all based on knowledge or practical experience. Without them, any tactic will fail. It is equally important to use the strategies described in those championships where you are constantly monitoring developments and best oriented.


Is it risky to place basketball bets?

No, it’s certainly not. It requires your awareness, determination, and the right strategy to make it happen.

What is the best strategy for placing bets?

There’s no a sure-fire strategy that will help you to get rich. However, pay attention to a handful of different strategies to earn some money.

Is it difficult to place a live basketball bet?

No, it’s not difficult at all. You need to find a reliable bookmaker and select any given basketball outing in the live section.

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